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This extension adds the following features to Aseprite.

-- Features --

[Color Shades]
This tool generates shades based on the selected color.
[Color Groups] (New)
This tool allows you to organize colors from your palette into named groups. You may also save and load your color groups configuration for later use.

-- Instructions --

Compatible with Aseprite v1.3-beta4.

Simply double-click the extension file... And voilà.

You can find the tools in Sprite > Aseprite Companion

-- Note: You might have to restart Aseprite to see the new tools.

-- Support --

You are welcome to report any issues, ask questions, or give feedback. Your input will help me greatly to improve this extension over time.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorJon Cote
Made withAseprite
Tags2D, add-on, Aseprite, colors, editor, extension, Pixel Art, script, tool
Code licenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few hours
LinksWebsite, Twitter, Contact


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Hi, I attempted to contact you on Discord but this extension seems to have a bug when used in Aseprite v1.3-rc6. In Color Groups, when adding colors, the color at the last index in a palette can't be added. Instead, the color at index 0 is added. This seems to happen in every palette I've looked at.

Edit: found the issue. In color-groups-widget.lua you have

 if index < ncolors - 1

but Lua indexes start at 1, not 0. Changing it to just 

if index < ncolors 

then fixed the problem.

I'm still don't know how to add lol

Could you tell me how to fix this? The addon screen hides behind the aseprite window so I cannot see the top of it.

Never mind I found a way around it I was asking the wrong questions but if anyone is having this issue here is how you fix it. On windows you can hit ctrl + K to bring up the preferences window then under General change the user interface option to the tab with 2 screens.

Thank you for sharing this and sorry for not seeing your comment beforehand.



(1 edit)

no problem m8 I miss alot of them it's a little difficult to look at comments on most platforms most aren't good lol. Oh and I figured out a fix for the time being just drag it onto another screen and zoom out the display.


Hello, there was a problem: after two clicks on the file or after adding the script via edit -> preferences -> add extension, it gives the following in the console: \Aseprite\extension\aseprite-companion\/color-shades\color-shades.lua No such file or directory. How can I solve this problem?

It's is a very beautiful theme of your

May I know the name or where to get it?

Many Thanks!

did u got the theme's name, pls tell

Hi Hoa,

Sorry for the delayed answer, but I can't seem to find the theme I was using back then. It's been over a year already.

I recall it was from someone on itch.io so you could try some of them and you might land on it at some point.



Is this still being developed?
I'm on 1.3-beta19 but I figure I'd try and see if it works anyway.
All I get is an 'about' window when I try to open it.

Howdy! Sorry for the late reply, if you are still unable to use the plugin you can reach me on discord. I will gladly help you set it up :)

Discord ID: JonCote#2945


Hey Jon! just added you on disc, im having the same issue

Hey I Tried Using The Group Function And It Failed When I Clicked Open File What Should I Do

Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out. Did you enter an existing file name?

If you can give me more details on the steps you have taken I might be able to help you solve your problem.



(1 edit)

I Tried Finding The File With Open File And A Screen Appeared Saying The File Isn't Found With The Cmd Screen Behind I Tried Everything And It Still Doesn't Work

I am sorry to hear that. Here's my Discord ID, JonCote#2945. We can try to solve this issue together if you want.


I Found A Way To Fix It

Well played! Don't hesitate to reach me if you have other issues :)


This is a great tool, thank you for making it!

If I have one request, it would be to add the possibility of saving color groups as ink shades from the Color Groups tool. 

The pencil tool has this "shade" ink that uses multiple colors and you can save them as shades, but it would save a lot of time if one could do that from the Groups panel, or allow selection of multiple colors at once.

(3 edits) (+1)

Hello TillerQueen!

Thank you so much for your message. Knowing that it is useful to other artists warms my heart. Adding a feature like that would be great, and it should not be too difficult to integrate.

My hope is to find the time to update the tool this month with your idea and other pending requests.

Take care :)


(1 edit) (+1)

Hey Jon, I'm trying to save the color group, but it says '' attempt to index a nil value (local file)", how do I fix that?

Thanks for the script, its really good and I hope to fix it soon!

Also, I use Aseprite with 300% scaling, and in that scenario it becomes impossible to close the color groups, so I have shrink to 200% to be able to rescale it again, any chance you can resize the window so I can have the close button in the view? Maybe a button to add and remove color groups and have the box shrink accordingly, preferably downwards to have the close button always inside the window.


Hi Gypsy!

Glad to hear you find the extension useful :)

Regarding the color group save problem, if you could tell me the steps before you run into the error, that would be very helpful for me in order to fix it. If you have the time of course.

For the scale problem, there is an easy fix I can do on my side. I could reduce the fixed amount of color groups per page and make sure it does not prevent users to close it at the highest scale value.

Hope it answers your comment for now.

I will try to find the time to fix for those issues, but probably not this month.

Thank you for your feedback :)




Hey Jon,

Yeah, I completely understand you being busy this month, its that time of year man, so enjoy yourself!

That fix sounds great, go for it. As for the issue, I just choose the colors, add them, and then try to save after naming them and the message pops up. I haven't done anything of an elaborate nature at all to be honest.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you mate, I wish you the same :) 

The saving functionality seems good on my side. 
Was the filename entry filled before saving? On which OS are you?



define file name entry filled? I'm on Win 10


Loving this so far! The two things that would make it absolutely perfect would be the ability to one click load your color groups to the main palette and the ability to reorder colors within a group.  Thanks for making such an awesome tool!


Awww, I am glad to hear you like the tool! I am going to put these two ideas on my todo list and see what I can do :) Thank you so much for your support and feedback! Cheers!


Hi, love your tool but could you please add a button on the 'Color Shades' window to add the shades to the current color palette?

Also, minor suggestions:
1. Could you remove all the ------------ from the name from the 'Sprite' menu so it only reads as [Aseprite Companion]? I think that would make it less of an eye swore.

2. Also could you fix the font for 'Shades' in the 'Color Shades' window to use them theme font?

Thanks ^-^

Hi Mason :) 

First, thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it! 

These are great suggestions and they are easy to implement. I will make sure to add them to my next update.

I am quite busy at the moment, but I will try my best to have it by the end of this month.